Carrick History Society
Comman Eachdraidh Charraige

A history society covering the
entire region of Carrick

We are a group of historical researchers and local historians who are studying specific aspects of the human and natural history of the southernmost of the three historical regions of Ayrshire.

At Carrick History Society, we will share our knowledge and research of Carrick and surrounding territories with historical links to our region with all our followers, members and subscribers. We have a rich and diverse collection of photographs, documents and resources of the area which we endeavour to make readily available and share with all who have an interest in our work. 

Our vision is to explore, research and interpret the history of Carrick while giving people an opportunity to have access to our library of information in an inclusive manner for all who are interested in what we do. 

On our website you will find some free resources from our archives, a further library of information in our members area, news of local events and projects, and specific information about each town or village within our remit. We are very welcoming to any other history groups in Carrick and will collaborate with them on projects specific to their areas. 

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