Carrick History Society
Comman Eachdraidh Charraige

The Carrick History Society was founded in 2021

in response to the closures of the Maybole Historical Society and Girvan Historical Society. It was felt that a Carrick-wide historical society was needed because the histories of each village and town were so interlinked. Please enjoy browsing our website and consider joining us as a member or, if intending visiting the area, prepare yourself with prior knowledge of our rich heritage that will make your visit more enjoyable.

We are undergoing the process of applying to become an SCIO. Below is our interim board until this process is complete.


Simon Glendenning - Interim Chair

Simon is an avid historian and history student who is fascinated by the history of his local area. He founded the Carrick History Society by launching a Facebook page in November 2021 and this led to the construction of this website. Simons particular historical interests are Maritime History, The History of the Kennedy family and Social History. Simon is keen to utilise new ways of bringing history to life by using new technologies such as augmented reality. Having lived in Maybole all his life he has a great love for his local area and its potential to be part of Carricks economy through heritage tourism. 

Alison Martin - Interim Secretary

Alison Martin BSc Hons, was initially drawn to the proportions of Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s architecture during her student days in Glasgow. Several years later while living on America’s West Coast, she was intrigued to find echoes of her fellow Scot’s work in the distinctive style of the California Bungalow. This sparked her interest in the American Arts & Crafts Movement and its acknowledgement of Mackintosh as one of its key influences. On returning home to the Maybole area she was intrigued to find that once again, she was following in the footsteps of Mackintosh.  Elements of his sketches of Maybole Castle, Balterson and the Collegiate Church can be glimpsed in his design for the Glasgow School of Art.

Situation Vacant - Interim Treasurer

Situation Vacant