Carrick History Society
Comman Eachdraidh Charraige

A New Enterprise

Welcome to the brand new website for the Carrick History Society! 

After the Maybole and Girvan Historical Societies folded, it was decided that there was a need for a new Historical Society that covered the whole of Carrick.  

One of the most important visions of the new society was a website that connected the histories of the towns and villages within the Carrick area and to share important information with those interested in it. 

That vision has now been realised in the website you are now viewing. 

Please explore and enjoy some of the free documents and photos available for all to view and consider joining as a member. Not only does this help us continue our work but it also allows access to a larger range of original historical research and primary sources. 

Our website will be updated regularly and you will be able to get information on historical and heritage related matters happening in Carrick and find out when events related to these are on.  

This website was made possible by support we received from the Accelerate programme provided by Community Enterprise as well as funding from The North Carrick Community Benefit Company, Scottish Power Renewables and Maytag.  

Our Website will be hosted in Carrick by Cube Webworks. 

Simon Glendenning February 2023