Carrick History Society
Comman Eachdraidh Charraige

World Oceans Day 2023

Our chair, Simon Glendenning recently attended the World Oceans Day event in Maidens.

This event was designed to highlight the problems facing our oceans and how we can prevent even more damage in the future.

The event culminated in a Primary School visit where p4-5 pupils from all North Carrick Schools came along to learn about our amazing oceans and the danger they face.

Simon ran a station where the pupils learned about fossils and the kinds of plants and animals that have descended from them that live in our seas today.

The event was a great success and the event will become an annual one. The organisers believe this was the only event of its kind in the whole of Scotland celebrating World oceans Day.

Carrick History Society would like to thank the organisers for inviting us, Ian Jones for helping on the Sunday and for his tremendous knowledge and South Ayrshire Museums and Galleries for providing us with photographs of fossils in their collection.

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